what is a doberman

a DOBERMAN is a thinner rwotwiller so it is basickly black and tan

the dogs name

A DOBERMAN'S name can be spelled in two ways the way i spell it it DOBERMAN but some pepole spell it like this DOBERMANN

buying the right one!!

You can buy a doberman from anywhere!! But you must make shure it is the right one for you!!! one place to get them is dogs trust! But when you get one they may jump up you, and if it is a puppy it may nibble like a bunny...!

a DOBERMAN needs

a DOBERMAN'S health

ROCKY was a DOBERMAN who was 7 when he went with canser. I don't want the same thing to happen again, so take your pet to the vet to stop things like this! it's for your pets health!!!!!!!!! pr the same thing will happen!!!!


AXOLOTLS all have good days and bad days. When they are happy they shake thier small mane up and down. (x3) and they also play piano!!!!! :O

baby ones!!!

baby AXOLOTLS are cuter that all of them combined!!!! i almost died looking at one!!!!

look /\ /\ /\ /\